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Nick B

Waterproofing for Tents

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by on 18-06-2012 at 02:25 PM (33672 Views)
With all this awful weather you may want to think about waterproofing your tent when camping.

If you search online for a decent camping equipment store then you should find 'Fabsil'.

Fabsil is great for tents and canvas when you need some tent waterproofing cover. They are market leaders and can be extremely useful.

The sizes of cans come as 1lt, 2.5lt and 5lt and are a great camping accessory for this wet and windy summer.

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  1. AdamBorzy's Avatar
    Fabsil can be a very important piece of any camping equipment. Besides waterproofing tents and caravan awnings before camping, however, there are few things you need to consider in keeping your tent dry. You need to place your tent on a higher ground and make sure it is dry. Use tarp inside if there are leaks on the floor and use a rain fly that can provide good coverage during downpour.
  2. leswillbe's Avatar
    Try this for waterproofing your tent.

    Dry Guy Waterproofing

    Outdoor Shoe, Boot, & Clothing Waterproofing


    The Leader in manufacturing earth friendly waterproof products for you and your family; Waterproofing for tents, camping gear, outdoor gear, fabrics, boat covers, awnings and many other applications.

    Superior fabric waterproofing specifically formulated for backpacks, duffel bags, hiking gear, and footwear that has to withstand the abuse of hiking and camping in harsh weather conditions.

    Dry Guy lets your boots breathe while protecting against moisture, mould and stains!

    Dry Guy Protect & Extend the Life of all your Hiking & Outdoor Gear